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This project was conceived on Park Avenue in front of the Portland Art Museum on a Sunday afternoon in July. Jenny and Phillip, post-grads and held in their adult lives, were enrolled in an art history class at the museum that day. It was gloriously bright. They had sunglasses on. They’re sunglasses-type people.

Phillip lifted his shades and said, “I have a great idea.”

Jenny tilted her aviators down and said, “Yeah?”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Phillip found that finding and engaging in creative culture was a struggle for him. Jenny found that many things piqued her interest, but she rarely followed that curiosity to its origins, and if she did, it was haphazard. They are both creative people, and they both want to know things.

Backwords is an exploration of art, literature, music, performance, and place with future expansions into other fields of interest.

New articles post every Wednesday alternating with guest curators intermittently.

The writing will be multifarious, the observations vast, and the subjects unique.

Backwords is a curation of diverse experiences, inclinations, and aesthetics.

We invite you to follow our curiosities, and we hope that it will inspire you to follow yours.

Stay Backwords,

Jenny & Phillip

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